Conference: Work permits in Belgium

Today we have hosted a new Breakfast conference!  The topic is one must-know for expats because….Who haven’t had problems with the maze  of work permits in Belgium?
IMG_20052016_090141_HDR.jpgAs ex- expats in Brussels we have  how difficult it could be. So, one of the first objectives we had was to find the correct person to guide other new inhabitants through this complicated matter. Lucky us, we found Mr Matthias Lomers.

As Director of Global Employer Services at Deloitte Belgium, Matthias gave to the attendants a global overview of the  current immigration situation, the main points of the different EU countries legislation regarding the procedure to obtain the Work permits. Even though the topic could a little bit hard, the expertise and professionally of Mr Lomers made it simple for our guests to understand  the main issues they probably would find in Belgium during the procurement.
Besides that Matthias brought some dossiers for our attendants (Thanks!) to keep them with the main immigration formalities!

We strongly believe that when you arrive to a new city you need to define your plan, and we found work permits obtention could be an obstacle for you to fulfill your objectives. Maybe you want to settle a new business or start working in the country.
As we said, we want to change the concept of relocation so we try to solve expats doubts in the way we would have loved ours to be solved: in a comfortable space, around a coffee, and with the freedom of asking to our experts as questions as you have.

Here you have some other pics of the event, if you like them, don’t hesitate you are very welcome to our next ones! We have also record a video of Mr Matthias Lomers, so if you doubts on the topic you can watch it in our platform Settle&Connect

IMG_20052016_084050_HDRIMG_20052016_085756_HDR (1)IMG_20052016_090124_HDR (1)




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