Discovering Brussels

Moving to Brussels and you don’t know your future home well enough? In this post you can see the most popular places to visit when you get to town, but we invite you too to keep always your eyes open and let Brussels reveal you its architectural treasures. You can also download our moving abroad check list before you take off!


The heart of Brussels is ornate with baroque and gothic stone houses, considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. It possess the 15th-century Town Hall and the City Museum with a permanent exposition of Brussels’ art. The Grande Place is the perfect place to enjoy Belgian hospitality at one of the many terraces, events and, during the warmer months, to enjoy the daily flower market.


The Belgium’s Eiffel tower is a glistening iron atom (magnified 165 billion times!) erected for the 1958 World Fair who was supposed to be disassembled afterwards but visitors loved it so much that it was kept as a relic. The construction comprises nine spheres that are connected by a high-speed escalators which can takes you to the 102 meter top in just 23 seconds!



The ‘Pissing Boy’ is a major icon in the folklore of Brussels. Manneken Pis statue used to be a drinking fountain but it became the Brusseliers city symbol located on the corner of Rue de L’Etuve & Stroofstraat since 1619. The tradition for visiting heads of state is to donate miniature versions of their national costume for the little naked boy (the wardrobe of Manneken Pis, placed in the City Museum, contains from a Lawrence of Arabia to an authentic Elvis jumpsuit).


The official home of the Belgian king can be only visited in summer, but you will always know if he is in the country when you see the Belgian flag flying on the top of the Neo-Classical building.


The gothic Saint Goedele and Saint Michels Cathedral, dedicated to the male and female patron saints of Brussels, is the place where the Belgian royalty gets married (last time was in 2003). It started as a small chapel in the 9th century and it was completed by the end of the 15th century, but was damaged by the French shelling of 1695.



The 360º view from the top floor is one of the fortunes of the Museum Museum of Musical Instruments, but not the only one! Housed in the museum is a collection of more than 7000 instruments of varying kinds and origins.


The museum honours the Belgian comic artists, creators of a large family of imagination heros as Tintin, Spirou, the Smurfs, Lucky Luke… Arranged over three levels, the museum also has a library and an art nouveau brewery in a brightly Art Nouveau building located in one of the oldest districts of Brussels, just a few steps away from Grande Place and the Royal district.


Anne-Sophie, as a real Expat in Belgium, tells you why you will feel home in Brussels. The diversity (nearly 70% of Brussels’ inhabitants are foreign born), the location, the languages, the opportunities and… The waffles!


If you want to know a different and funny version of what tourism in Brussels is, you can print for free the USE-IT map made by locals.



After you’ve made the decision to move abroad, the next big question is what do you need to get done before that flight takes off? There are a lot of things you need to get done, but there is no reason to get overwhelmed. Do you self a big favour and first create a list of all the things you need, or take advantage and print out our customizable moving abroad checklist that we’ve made for you already.


For more videos, expert information and to contact the Brussels e-community, see you onSettle&Connect!


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