“Moving abroad with no worries”, the Trends-Tendances Magazine report about Bright Expats and Settle&Connect platform


A student arrives in Brussels, or an intern, or a worker that explores the Belgian market for the office. They wonder how to open an account … Now they just have to click on a video of Settle & Connect where we explain the procedure to follow. Incidentally, the newcomer connects with other expatriates who have just disembark at Brussels.
Everything is free, “we just collect information that a foreign would have trouble finding alone.” At the request of a company or an individual, Settle & Connect can find a mine of tailored information. “Then we are paid”, explains Pauline Six and Eleonore van Rijckevorsel (photo), the two entrepreneurs for whom “expatriation, it is not a new contract, it’s a lifestyle”. With their Bright Expatscompany and Settle & Connect platform, they want that “the expatriation adventure turns well for their customers too”. This adventure begins since the decision to emigrate. In that stage, Bright Expats guide its clients and helps them to decide in serenity. Bright Expats unravels for them then the intricacies of the Brussels administration and housing, “we want to bring joy to their installation and even the unpacking boxes”. Finally, Bright Expats finds the headhunter or the piano teacher to that everyone can find balance in this adventure. “To emigrate, this is not only a new office for a worker, is a new environment for everyone around (family and relatives). And that’s where we act”.


If you need to find a house before moving or you want personalized assistance for all your relocation needs at every step of your transition abroad, the Bright Expats team can be the best solution for you.

If you want to watch more videos or join the e-community, see you on Settle & Connect to meet people who are in your same situation!


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