Mobile phone companies in Belgium


If you have planned a move to Belgium, even if it’s for a short or long stay, it is advisable to acquire a Belgian phone (GSM) to save money contacting local numbers and eventually in case of emergency. Before starting the search via online or going to the nearest point of sale, we suggest to think about your needs: Do you often make many calls? Do you need a package to contact international numbers? Would you like to have internet? Or rather, are you just looking for a simple and low price contract?

These are some of the companies available in Belgium, all with different offers according to your needs:

It is the largest telephone company in Belgium. It also offers prepaid contracts with internet.

It is the second largest company. It offers attractive prices in contracts.

It has very competitive rates that combine Internet and mobile telephony.


All procedures are performed online, so you can request your SIM card even before arriving. It is one of the cheapest and offer very interesting packages.


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