Searching the best NANNY / AU PAIR / BABYSITTER in Brussels, Belgium

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Caring for our children is a priority in every family. However, sometimes work or personal reasons force us to leave them in the care of others. Often we have the family (especially grandparents) or friends help, but for many expats living abroad finding a nounou or an Au pair girl is the best option.

Starting the search

The first thing to consider when looking for a babysitter is what we need:

Are we invited to a party or planned a romantic dinner with our partner and we search a temporary nounou? Do we look for someone to pick up our children from school? To take care of our children most of the day, and perhaps also help with the housework? Do we want them to teach piano lessons or any language? According to our needs, the profile changes.

It is important to make clear from the beginning the tasks and salary, given that the nanny’s satisfaction can greatly influence the well-being of our children. The average hourly rate in Belgium is 8,44 net euros according to a study by Yoopies company, to which parents should add the contributions to declare the nounou.

Where to find a nanny

We can always start asking some friend, neighbor or colleague from work, or also to be aware of the announcements at school, cultural center or even the supermarket. And of course, there are specialized companies that can find the nanny that best suits our needs.

A good option to employ a babysitter is a student, and even better if their studies are related to children and education. Or, on the other hand, we might need a very experienced nanny to teach them to be disciplined and organized.

Babysitting for hours:



If you need an Au pair to live with your family and spend more time with the kids:


Steps to choose the best

The personal interview is very important when choosing the most suitable candidate and it is recommendable that your children are present because, at the end, they are the ones who are going to enjoy the time with them. It is also advisable to prepare a list of questions and also to ask any personal issue to better get to know the future nounou.

To verify that the nanny is competent, responsible and prepared to face unexpected events, a good option is to start with a trial contract of two or three months to ensure that children are enjoying this experience. Soon, we will discover if our children are happy to spend time in their care.


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