Transport Brussels Airport (Zaventem, Charleroi) – City center


The nearest airports to the european capital are Brussels Airport (Zaventem) and Brussels South (Charleroi-Gosselies).

Also called Brussel Nationaal / Bruxelles-National or Brussels-Zaventem, Brussels Airport is an international airport located in Zaventem, 11 km northeast of Brussels, Belgium. It is the largest airport in Brussels but not the only one: the other airport serving the city is Brussels-Charleroi located 46 km south, so be sure which airport do you fly to!

Brussels Airport (Zaventem)


Train schedules are accessible via the SNCB website. Depends on your destination, those are the stops :

  • Bruxelles-Midi
  • Bruxelles-Central
  • Bruxelles-Nord

Research must be done using the keywords: “Brussels National Airport”, “Zaventem Airport” or “luchthaven”. If you are using a “pass” ticket (see offers on Transport post), remember to pay the Diabolo fees separately.


  • Bus 12 – Airport Line: STIB line that assures the path (Express) to Brussels National Airport from the European district (Schuman) in 30 minutes.
  • Bus 21: STIB line that of assures the traject Ducale-Brussels National Airport (not Express) from Monday to Friday after 20h, weekends and holidays.
  • Bus 272: De Lijn line that links Zaventem to Bruxelles-Nord.
  • Bus 471: De Lijn line that links Zaventem to Bruxelles-Nord faster.


  • 1 journey (purchased outside vehicle) € 4.50.
  • 1 journey (purchased inside vehicle) € 6.00.
  • 10 journeys: € 32.


Around 40 €.


Transfer company that provides transportation between Brussels – Charleroi Zaventem- at affordable prices.

  • Brussels – Zaventem € 11.00 pp (shared service).
  • Zaventem – Brussels € 11.00 pp (shared service).
  • Brussels – Zaventem € 20.00 (private service).
  • Zaventem – Brussels € 20.00 (private service).

Charleroi Airport (Brussels South)


Shuttles are from Midi Station, facing the southern entrance (France Street – Instruction Street). The journey takes about 45 minutes and the price is € 5.

Train and bus:

From any Belgian station, you can easily reach Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

From Charleroi South train station, simply take the direct bus (bus A) which takes you in 20 minutes to the airport terminal. The ticket price includes the train and the bus transfer. From Brussels South Charleroi Airport, you can get a simple ticket to “any Belgian station”. This ticket combines the TEC bus (from the airport to Charleroi-Sud station) and the train (to a Belgian train station of your choice). The two machines are located outside the terminal at Gate 2.

Taxi :

More than € 60.

Shuttle :

Minibus service betwieen Brussels and Charleroi Airport that takes 1 hour and costs aroud € 13.

Easy-go :

  • Brussels – Charleroi € 20.00 pp (shared service).
  • Charleroi – Brussels € 20.00 pp (shared service).
  • Brussels – Charleroi € 50.00 (private Service).
  • Charleroi – Brussels € 50.00 (private Service).


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