Transport in Brussels


The public transport networks in Belgium are divided between three regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. Looking at the map, we’ll found Netherlands on the north, on southern France, Germany and Luxembourg on the east and on the west cost we can enjoy the cold North Sea. This geographic location is very convenient for travel in less than three hours to Paris, London or Amsterdam.

The National Society of Belgian Railways (SNCB or NMBS) offers different types of tickets to travel around the country.

If you are under 26 years
If you are up to 25, you can take advantage of cheap tickets. The best known is the Go Pass 1 which allows young people to buy a second-class ticket for a single journey to anywhere in the country. The price in 2015 is 6 €.

If we want to make more than one trip or we are traveling with friends, the best option is the Go Pass 10, which allows to get 10 trips to visit any destination in the country. This card can be used by more than one person and is valid for one year. The price in 2015 is 51 € (5’1 € each).

If you are over 26 years 
For those who exceed the 25 years, with the Rail Pass you can also travel anywhere in the country more cheaply. You can travel alone or with others during a year for 76 €, having 10 journeys (7’6 € each) in 2nd class.

And if you prefer more comfort, there is a 1st class Rail Pass for 117 € (11’7 € each).

Weekend ticket

With SNCB, you can travel at half price during the weekend (from Friday morning until Monday evening). It is available to any destination in Belgium and you can decide which day you want to leave.


The public transport company in Brussels is STIB, Societe Transport Interbruxellois. In addition, train service has developed joint tickets with Flemish lines (Lijn) and wallons (TEC) passing through the region.


There are several titles of transport for those who use it from time to time. You can buy metro tickets on any machine or kiosk, but for long periods, it is preferable the electronic card:

  • Basic MOBIB: anonymous, you may share it with other household members. The price is 5 € and can be recharged with different travel options (1 trip, 10 trips, 24h …).
  • MOBIB card: the perfect solution if you use public transport frequently. It can be recharged with different kinds of ticket and it is nominal (includes photograph). It costs 5 € and you can procure it in any Bootik point. With this card, you can also use the public bicycles ( or the taxi service Collecto ( The ticket costs 49 € monthly and 499 € yearly.

Transport between belgian cities
If you need to use other transport companies it is possible to get the MTB ticket wich costs 55’50 € per month and 583 € a year.

The metro starts from 5:30 am on weekdays until 12 pm. On weekends it is open from 6 am to 12 pm, but trains run less frequently. For more information or schedule changes, it is useful to access the website.

Weekends night

During night time on the weekends (every Friday and Saturday nights), you can use the Noctis buses that run from 00:15 until 3 in the morning with a half-hour interval. These buses accept the common transport titles.



In each district of Brussels, it is possible to find a lot of Villo!, the public yellow bicycles. Prices in 2015 are:

  • Year card: for 31’60 € 32’60 € or if you have a MOBIB card you can rent a bike for 1 year whenever you fell like it.
  • If you are only an occasional user, or you are just visiting the Brussels-Capital region, Villo! tickets can be purchased at the station terminals using your bank card (1’60 € and 7’65 € day week).

Second-hand bikes

You can also go to Cyclo atelier to buy a second-hand bikes. This organization also offer repair workshops, bike rentals and secure parking.


There are multiple stops located throughout the city employed by several companies:


This system allows us to use municipal cars and parking spaces without spending much money. In the Cambio page you can find the large number of stations and prices.

If you have any doubt or you just want to meet people, join the Bright Expats e-community in!


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