Vinne’s globetrotter life in Abu Dhabi

The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Hi! you may call me Vinne. Originally from Asia and now a citizen of New Zealand married to a Handsome European man. We have a cute little boy who loves school and sports.  Yes, Lucky me!

As soon as Vinne knows that she will become an expat or more like a “trailing housewife”, she decided to do blogging.  Wanderlust – A new chapter documents her experiences, some of her emotions that she would like to share to the World and some photos of her traveling.  Vinne creates some positivity being an expat and encourages others as well to be strong (“leaving your home and comforts behind”), enjoy the new journey and learn from all of the experiences of life living as an expats.

Switzerland lake.

You said “There is no place in the World to be better, than home with family”, what does “home” means for you?

Home is where the heart is and that means as a family we have to be whole so my son and I finally followed my husband to where he is currently working which is in United Arab Emirates.

Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, is the current tallest tower in the World.

How and when did your expat life started?

Actually I have lived and worked in Taiwan in 1996 for 3 years before living in New Zealand for more than a decade but then we have to leave (last June 2015) for the sake of the family being together and now residing in United Arab Emirates.


Could you present yourself and your family?

I am originally from the Philippines but now a Citizen of New Zealand so I say my heart is 50/50 for these two Countries that I considered as HOME. I love traveling, I have been to many Asian Countries, Australia can be a possible home too if we want and had been to Europe (Switzerland, Italy and France) but I only decided to do blogging just this year and so my blog Wanderlust – A new chapter covers all that plus my experiences and emotions as an expat.  

Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur.

Is there any link between your professional specialty (BSBA Accounting) and your lifestyle? What has influenced to take the first step and buy a plane ticket with no return?

My degree helped me to become a resident and eventually a Citizen in New Zealand.  It doesn’t relate to my lifestyle at all as I choose a different field afterward.

My ambitions of living overseas and achieving more in life as I know I can do more influenced me to take that 1st step of buying a one-way ticket.

The second one-way ticket is as explained before with regards to us being a family which is I considered to be the real expat deal as we know we will only be here temporarily and the main goal is to be financially stable which all expats here in the Middle East trying to achieve and yes to travel more!

How are you living this new adventure in Abu Dhabi? 

We are currently in Abu Dhabi which I like as this place caters more for families.  A bit conservative than their brother Dubai but I like it here less crowd, more greeneries, and more peaceful. There are some expats clubs you can join and some volunteer works as well so up to you.  Anyway, Dubai is just an hour and a half away by car if you crave for some actions!

Could you tell us the worst thing of being an expat and the best one?

The worst thing is when you have to leave your home, your colleague and best mates behind, a good career plus all other material things that you cannot take in your bags.  Fortunately, we don’t have a pet otherwise it will be more heartbreaking!

Most expats just bring a bag or two and that’s it because the employer covers all the accommodation, a car and even the child’s education are included in the packages!

The best one is of course as mentioned before the family packages, free return travel every year for the family anywhere in the World and yes the money you earn tax free!!

If you want to know how the adventures of Vinne continues: Wanderlust – A new Chapter  !


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